Rolling Stock

TunnelPro develops in-house both the concept design and the detailed design of all rolling stock elements. Every supply can be suited to the specific projects needs. 

The following are typical design concepts:
•    Fixed body muck cars (from 3 to 25 m³)
•    Separate box muck cars (from 3 to 25 m³)
•    Service cars
•    Segment transport cars
•    Back filling transport cars
•    Personnel transport car

All the above equipment is characterized by:
•    Reinforced axles with large capacity bearing and treated wheels to allow very high transport speed
•    Several types of couplings at customer selection (Proprietary design, Willison etc.)
•    Lower weight at equal loading capacity
•    High travelling speed (35 km/hour) 

According to client request we can design and produce all auxiliary equipment for the tunnel trains:
•    Muck car tipplers
•    Muck car movers
•    Tunnel rail switches (fixed and mobile)

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